By registering or joining any of the program organised by Travel Buffs, you acknowledge that you have read, understood & agreed
to the following terms & conditions.

Disclaimer: -

  • The tour dates planned according to information provided by volunteers & researchers at Anjarle however, Turtle sighting is a natural phenomenon and its matter of      luck.
  • For safety & security measures, swimming at Anjarle beach is strictly prohibited.

    1. Leaders’ decision shall be final & abiding to all, till completion of the trek/ programme.
    2. Smoking & consumption of Alcohol is strictly not allowed on the trek/ programme.
    3. Everyone is expected to follow safety protocols defined by the leaders.
    4. Polluting trek route of the destination is strictly prohibited.
    5. You acknowledge that the photographs taken during the activity which can be used for publicity purpose. You consent to let organisers photograph you and let them to use for publicity purpose & also consent to allow organisers to use the photograph clicked by you for publicity purpose.
    6. There is possibility of injury during activities & programs and you are aware that outdoor activities bears inborn risk of personal injury.
    7. You are joining an outdoor activity where any incident/ Natural calamity may happen & you agree that organiser shall not be held responsible for the any accident, mishap (including death) caused by any circumstances (artificial or natural).
    8. During emergency situation, your consent to any medical treatment recommended by a qualified medical practitioner (this could include inoculations, blood transfusions, surgery or the use of anaesthetic). Read *Medical Disclaimer*
    9. You realise a certain level of acceptable behaviour is mandatory to participate in outdoor activities and that you may be excluded from activities if this level is not maintained. You acknowledge event leaders right to expel you from the group if you does not follow instruction of the leader/ misbehave. Further you consent once you are expelled from the group; organisers & leaders does not owe any kind of liability towards you.
    10. If the participant does not agree with any part of such terms, conditions and notices, the participant must not avail our Services.
    11. Travel Buffs have all authority to make any changes/ cancel the events/ programmes and final Decision.

    Cancellation & Refund Policy

    "If for some reason you wish to cancel your Trek/ Event, an Email intimation need to be sent to "travelbuffs.in@gmail.com". Cancellation request are not taken over phone. However, you can check whether your cancellation has been processed.

  • If cancellation is done prior to 10 days of outing 75% will be refunded.
  • If done prior to 5 days of outing 50% will be refunded
  • After that, no refund will be provided

    It is mandatory that you visit your personal physician before enrolling for the trip if you suffer from any illness of any kind and disclose the same and your medical history to the organizers of the trip so that best possible arrangements can be carried out post approval. As organizers of the trip, we will be responsible for providing basic first aid throughout the trip. In case of unexpected mishaps or accidents, we will arrange for the injured patron to be taken to the nearest medical hospital wherever possible. The medical expenses will have to be borne by the patrons themselves.

    I agree "Terms and Conditions" before joining the event